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Att stå på kanten och inse att det är dags att hoppa.

Ibland läggs flera pusselbitar samman helt slumpmässigt. Jag har länge varit missnöjd med mitt arbete. Jag tycker det är totalt ointressant och ger varken mig eller någon annan någon glädje. De sista dagarna har jag bara gått omkring och funderat på vad som är fel. Och så i går tittade jag på ett program om Sten Broman. Jag hade sett det förut men det har aldrig fastnat riktigt. Men Sten sa något som var viktigt för mig. "En sann konstnär måste alltid röra sig framåt." eller något sådant.

Dia bild

När jag gick in i studion i morse bestämde jag mig för att titta igenom en liten smutsig hög diabilder som jag egentligen hade tänkt slänga. När jag gjorde det föll bitarna på plats. Det här är dom mest intressanta bilderna jag sett som jag har gjort på hela året. Jag vet inte när dom är tagna eller var men dom har en kvalité som jag verkligen tycker om.

Jag tror verkligen det är tid att röra sig framåt. Ut över stupet och ta det där hoppet som jag är så rädd för.


My work

My work is mostly experimental. I always want to know what happens if you put this thing on this one. Will there be some great art then?

I have worked forever trying to find what art is all about and new media and computers are one of my greatest friends. Hacking art and soceity to find the basic code behind it all. I use  my knowledge of building hardware and writing software to do experiments in digital art and research our lifes and death.


The creation process is the same if you paint or use digital media. My work spans a lot of areas. Sometimes maybe they are to many. After art school i started out as a painter but i quickly got in to computers and the Internet. I still like to work with digital media. Exploring virtual worlds and create art for the web and games. Today i got the Oculus rift that makes it possible to bee in a alternate reality. I think art willl never be the same.

Light test for painting

I do a lot of graphic design for digital media in gaming and virtual worlds. And i love the digital camera. I do not have to work in a smelly darkroom anymore if i do not want to. I do many purely digital pictures in software and as a photographer at the hypergrid. And i also have a gallery there where i can show of my work. It is all net, servers and streaming information.


The road is open.


The work continues.

Art space Magazine

Art space Magazine

2worlds2go website about virtual worlds, VR and creating AI.


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Cyberserenitys blog

Cyberserenitys Blog

2worlds2go website about virtual worlds, VR and creating AI.
  • Once more partying in Second life.

    Long time since i where out partying in Second life. But i had really a good time and i where up way to late as the Dj just keept on playing. Second life is still fun. But i have to move again as more and more islands disapper. Well yesterday where all about fun.

  • Euro truck simulator 2, TruckersMP, VorpX, Oculus rift

    Finally I got some of my hardware to work and I have had a fun afternoon honking at trucks while driving slowly in my new car around Scandinavia. The landscape is just beautiful and the roads nice. I will have some coffee and then it is onward to the continent.

    This is so much fun.

  • Playing Adrift for a few hours.

    First time i really go deep inside a VR game. Well i got sick for a few times. But it works in the game because i suppose i would if i was trapped in a space station and moved around to much. It is a nice touch. Keep still in game to not get sick. It is a cool game and scary. Feeling of being there is nice.

    So you can do a nice VR game without killing things. I like that.